During their hiatus, Mayday released a documentary titled “The Wings of Dreams” (搖滾本事). In August, 2004, Mayday held a comeback concert called “City of the Sky” (天空之城) which broke the record for most concert-goers, a record previously held by Michael Jackson.

In November 2003, the band released their fourth album “Time Machine” (時光機), the album’s huge popularity showed that Mayday was still the hottest band in spite of their previous hiatus. The album also won them the Best Band at the 15th Golden Melody Awards.

The song “The Will of a Star” (恆星的恆心), is about a boy waiting for his gone lover. “You’re like a wandering shooting star. I’ll persevere, waiting for you with a will of a star.”

The song “And I Know” may be one of the most popular song of Mayday. The song is about a boy who knows that the love will be gone one day, but he just cannot bear it. The music video was shot in HSNU, their high school. And all of the members wore their high school uniforms, portraying their lives back in high school. The music video was banned broadcasting on TV due to a scene with high school girl changing their clothes in the classroom, showing their lingeries.

"There’s an absolute in life" (生命有一種絕對) is probably the most touching song of Mayday. "My dream of conquering the world hasn’t changed at all. My tears evaporate from the ground without a sound. I’m looking for a beam of light in darkness, and I know there’s an absoulte in life. Wait for me until our promise melts into smiles."

The fifth album “God’s Children Are All Dancing” (神的孩子都在跳舞), released in November 2004, was critically acclaimed. The song “Sun Wukong” (孫悟空) is a pop rock song using the story of a Chinese classical novel Journey to the West (西遊記). 

The song “Stubbornness” (倔強) is a song talking about not giving up one’s dream. “The stubbornness I’m proud of, I sing it out loud in winds. This time I’ll be crazy for myself. Just this time, me and my stubbornness.”

In 2005, they released a best of compilation album “Just My Pride” (知足最真傑作選), which includes six new songs. The song “Contentment” (知足) is one of them, talking about letting go with blessings by using a metaphor of releasing a kite to the sky. 

The all-time hit in KTV (Karaoke Boxes), “In Love ing” (戀愛ing), is a happy song describing the feelings of falling in love. “I’m in love ing, happy ing, my mood is like taking a jet, flying high into the sky.” The song is kind of a must-sing in Karaoke, with everyone shouting into the microphone to create high spirits.

The band released their album “Born to Love” (為愛而生) in 2006. The music video of the first hit “Born to Love” was shot in Rome, with a touch of the movie “Godfather”.

The song “Angel” is another hit in the album. “Just like a child rely on a shoulder, like tears rely on a face. You’re like an Angel, giving me strength I can rely on.”

"Perfume" (香水) is a song depicting craziness of loving a girl by comparing her to a perfume he cannot resist. 

In 2007, the band also released an album Jump, which includes several new songs and their live recordings. The song “Jump” (離開地球表面), in English “Leaving the Surface of the Earth” soon became a hit and is also the most representative work of Mayday’s up-tempo song.

In the album, Mayday collaborated with the most popular indie female singer-songwriter, Cheer Chen, producing the song “Elope to the Moon” (私奔到月球). The catchy tune soon made the duet popular and beloved by people in Taiwan.

Mayday’s next album, “Poetry of the Day After” (後青春期的詩) was released in October, 2008. The song “You Are Not Truly Happy” (你不是真正的快樂), with its straightforward emotional power, has touched a lot of people’s hearts.

The song “Suddenly Missing You So Bad” (突然好想你) is one of the most tear-jerking songs of Mayday. It is kind of a must-listen song when you go through a heartbroken breakup, with the lyrics “I suddenly miss you so bad; the memories suddenly stab me in my heart; my sights suddenly blurred by my tears.”

The song “Like Smoke”(如煙) is also a touching song talking about the memories and transient nature of life, just like a wisp of smoke.

The album “Second Life”(第二人生) brought Mayday’s status into a new level. With its clear concept “Armageddon”, the album was critically acclaimed and won the Best Band and the Best Mandarin Album Award in the Golden Melody Awards. The song “Noah’s Ark”(諾亞方舟) uses the story from the Bible to say that when we face the end of the world, we have to say goodbye to things that we are familiar with and the humans finally become one.

The song “Starry Night” (星空) is the theme song of the same-titled movie, which was adapted from a famous picture book by Jimmy(幾米). The boy in the music video is also the leading actor of the movie.

The music video of the song “Cheers”(乾杯) won the Best Music Video of Golden Melody Awards. The song is about cherishing all the people around you and people who you’ve met in your life. Even to the end of the world, we can still have fun, raise our glass and say “Cheers” to each other. The sweet and touching music video depicts a man’s life with point of view shots. Before the man’s death, his life flashes in front of him, and all of his friends are waiting for him to come together in heaven.

The song “I Don’t Want You to be Lonely”(我不願讓你一個人) is the most viewed song on YouTube in Taiwan in 2012. It is again a typical love song of Mayday, talking about not willing to let your love be alone. Watching Mayday’s concert together is a memory shared by many couples, which is depicted in the music video.

The song 2012 shows a darker side of Mayday, talking about how we humans destroyed the world and our feelings facing the end of the world.

After that, Mayday has composed a song called “Into the March” (入陣曲) as the theme song of the popular drama Prince of Lan-Ling(蘭陵王). The music video of the song has caused widespread attention because the Chinese painting-like animation depicts some news events that causes anger to the government among Taiwanese people, such as the death of the corporal Hung (洪仲丘案), and the DaPu incident(大埔事件). Mayday seems to be using their influence to tell people to stand up and protest against social unjustice. 

2013 can be called a citizen awareness year to Taiwanese citizens. T 250000-people rally to protest about the government’s action to the death of corporal Hung is the first civil activity in Taiwan which is initiated not by political parties but citizens. After that, social movement in Taiwan has become popular, such as the Anti-nuclear movement and the historic Sunflower Movement (太陽花學運) in 2014. Mayday seems to be supporting these social movements implicitly. In Mayday’s newest music video of remaking the hit “Embrace”(擁抱), the touching music video talks about supporting the diverse family formation bill (多元成家), which includes the bill of marriage equality (婚姻平權).

In these years, Mayday continues to seek international fame. Mayday is already the most popular band in China, with its groundbreaking 80000-people concert held in Beijing National Stadium. In addition to that, Mayday is trying to get into Japanese market by releasing Japanese singles, and breaking into the U.S. market with performances at Google headquarters and the famous Madison Square Garden.

After all these years, Mayday is not just a pop band singing songs about friendship and love. Mayday becomes an icon in Mandopop and collective memory shared by the young generation in Taiwan and other Chinese-speaking countries. It is rare for a band active from the year 1997 to be still the most popular band in Mandopop, and their popularity and influence is still on the rise. Some people may say that Mayday, the band coming from underground, seems to become too commercialized. But most people still believe they’re just five boys who loves music, without any difference from the day back then. Mayday, with their dreams to be the “Beatles of the Chinese World,” seems to get closer to their goal day by day.

QuestionHello, can you tell me what the songs are for #3 of The Performances in 2014 Golden Melody Awards post? I remember listening to them back in the day but I never knew the names since my Chinese is bad. Thank you! Answer


Here are the full lyrics and the lists of the songs in the performance.

The singer and the name of the songs are in white, and you can do google search to listen to the original version of these songs. If you have any more questions just let me know!